• Budweiser’s newest anti drink driving ad campaign !

    This ad will melt your heart Budweiser, a leading expert in interspecies friendship, released a poignant PSA Friday with a resonating message: Don’t drink and drive — You will break your puppy’s heart. Anheuser-Busch InBev used ad agency Momentum Worldwide to create the 60-second spot,

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  • Singapore Road Traffic Act S(67) S(68) S(69) S(70) S(71) S72)

    PART IV GENERAL PROVISIONS RELATING TO ROAD TRAFFIC Division 1 — Provisions as to driving and offences in connection therewith Restriction on driving by young persons 62. —(1)  A person below the age of 18 years shall not drive a motor vehicle on a road. [1/99]

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  • The Invisible Chauffeur

    DRIVING THROUGH SILICON VALLEY on freeway 101 in busy Friday lunchtime traffic, Google’s Chris Urmson flicks a switch on the steering wheel. A green light comes on to tell him and your correspondent in the passenger seat that the Lexus SUV is now driving itself.

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