Singapore latenight taxi services


Where will the driver park my car while I am out having dinner & drinks?

Our drivers will park your vehicle in a safe and secured area. Our drivers will park in locations that do not incur any parking charges. It must be noted however that in some cases, that would not be possible.

Do we need a balance in our cash cards incase of parking charges?

Yes. We would recommend that in the event we can’t find free parking.

Can you drive all types of vehicles?

We drive Class 3 vehicles except for supercars. We will roll out our services for supercars soon.

What happens if I become too intoxicated and forget to call the driver to take me home?

Our drivers will give you guys a call once the 6-hour shift is up unless you have made a prior arrangement with them. If you are unreachable, our drivers will proceed home and keep your car overnight. You will be charged an additional $50 for the car to be returned to you. Please read our Terms and Conditions to find out more.

Will you guys drive underage drinkers?

Yes. Our aim is to prevent drink drivers from taking the wheel and endangering commuters on roads. We do not promote underage drinking, but our focus is on getting everyone home safely.

What happens if I need to change the time and address of the booking or even cancel the booking?

We can understand changes and sometimes cancellations have to be made to any booking. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more information on our cancellation policy.

Can we hire a driver for less than 6 hours?

All bookings with Party Drivers are for 6 hours and can be extended . You may wish to discontinue with the service at any time on your night out. The price would however remain at $99 for our services.

Can the driver drop me off elsewhere and proceed to drop my car home ?

That would be possible only if the driver had initially picked you up from your home address. Please read our Terms and Conditions for more information.

What happens if we get pulled over?

Your designated driver is the authorized driver of your vehicle. In the unlikely event that they are pulled over, they are responsible for any moving violation incurred.

What happens if my pick up and drop off location are different?

That would be completely fine with us. We can drop you anywhere you want in Singapore. However there will be an additional charge of $20 levied.

Where can I go with my Party Driver?

You can go wherever you like in Singapore with your chauffeur. The system is based on time, not destination. You can request to be driven any distance and have any amount of stops during your reservation.