Terms & Conditions





1. Party Drivers (PD) is a service provided and operated by Bajaj Entertainment Pte.Ltd, a company incorporated under the Laws of the Republic of Singapore with Company Registration No: 201316795C, having its registered office address at 111 North Bridge Road, #05-31, Peninsula Plaza. Singapore 179098.

2. In these Terms and Conditions (“these Terms”), “Party Drivers”, “PD”, “BEPL”, “We”, “Us” and “Our” shall be construed as reference to Bajaj Entertainment Pte.Ltd. In these Terms “You” and “Client”, is reference to the person making and confirming the booking as defined herein below.

3. These Terms shall apply to all the bookings made with BEPL whether or not they were made via the website www.partydrivers.com.sg or telephone or by any other acceptable mode.
4. These Terms shall apply to any bookings made with BEPL, and shall govern the contractual relationship between you and BEPL with respect to the services offered by BEPL.
5. By booking the service with BEPL you acknowledge that (i) you have read and understood these Terms, and (ii) indicated your express acceptance of and agree to be bound by these Terms. Bookings shall only be accepted from clients who have agreed to be bound by these terms.
6. These Terms constitute the entire agreement between the Client and BEPL with respect to the subject matter of the booking and service to be provided and shall supersede all prior agreements, representations and understandings of the parties, written or oral.




1. Booking shall mean the act of engaging the services of BEPL for the purpose of providing a driver on the terms and conditions as contained herein. The booking shall be confirmed upon BEPL communicating with you either by email/sms/call acknowledging your request for the service. By using our services, you are deemed to have read and agreed to the terms as contained herein. Bookings once made cannot be cancelled except upon payment of cancellation charges as stipulated herein below.
2. When you register on our website, you agree to be bound by these terms for all bookings made by you. In the event that you have called us to make a booking and not chanced upon our terms, we will send you an email/sms of a link to these terms; and by choosing to proceed with our services, you would be deemed to have read and accepted our terms and conditions.




1. “The Service” to be provided by BEPL shall be to provide a safe and reliable driver for driving your car from and to any venue of your choice within the limits of the city of Singapore.
2. The driver will render service for a period of 6 hours commencing from the time that you indicate that his services are required (“the appointed time”). The driver’s services could be available, on request, for an additional 6 hours or till 8 a.m. whichever is earlier at the rate as specified herein below.
3. The driver will make himself available at the venue of your choice at the appointed time indicated by you. Upon confirmation of your booking, you will receive either an email/sms/call on the email address/number indicated by you giving the details of the driver’s name and mobile telephone number.
4. The driver will render services for driving your car to any venue/s of your choice till you dispense with his services.
5. In the event you indicate that you desire to have your vehicle dropped off to any appointed or designated venue, even in your absence, the driver will do so and hand over the keys to a person nominated by you/drop off the keys at a venue/location indicated by you.


IV. Payment:


1. The charges for the service shall be SGD $99 for the first 6 (six) hours and thereafter at SGD $12 per hour. You will also be liable to pay any applicable taxes and duties. The payment can be made upfront via Pay Pal on our website, via Bank Transfer for Bulk Bookings or in cash to the driver at the start of the service. You will also be required to pay any additional amount on account of extra hours (over and above 6 hours) in cash to the driver directly.

2. If you have not paid in advance via Pay Pal or Bank Transfer, you expressly agree to pay the required amount of SGD $99 for the first 6 hours from the appointed time and SGD $12 for every hour thereafter.

3. All parking charges, tolls and fines which may be payable are to be borne by the client. All costs incurred at your direction or for your benefit relating to the service provided will be paid by you at the time such fees, costs or expenses are incurred including but not limited to fuel, emergency service fees, car washes, oil changes etc.


V. Conditions of Service:


1. At the appointed time, the driver will reach the address as specified by you and call to inform you of his arrival. You will be required to hand over the keys of your vehicle to the driver at the appointed time. In case your mobile phone is unavailable, unreachable or is unanswered, the driver will send an SMS, indicating that he has arrived at the specified address. You will be obliged to thereafter contact the driver within a reasonable time of half an hour from receipt of the sms or phone call. Should you fail to do so, it will be presumed that you are not interested in availing of services and the booking will be treated as cancelled. In such event, you will render yourself liable for cancellation charges as indicated herein below.
2. At the first drop-off location, it will be your responsibility to fix the rendezvous point and time with the driver by way of a phone call when you next require his services. This would apply to subsequent drop-off locations on the night. At such time and location indicated by you, the driver will make himself available at the rendezvous point. In case you are not personally present and your phone is unreachable or unavailable or unanswered, the driver shall send you an SMS indicating his location. You will thereafter be liable to locate the driver and vehicle. Should you fail to make yourself available upon the expiry of 6 hours from the appointed time or before 8 a.m., whichever is earlier, the driver even in your absence will be entitled to drop off your vehicle to any venue previously appointed or designated by you; and in such event, shall hand over the keys to a person nominated by you/drop off the keys at a venue/location indicated by you. If the driver for any unforeseen reason is unable to carry out this task, he will give you a call and inform you of the same. If you are not reachable, he will return to his residence and arrange to deliver the car back to you the next day with an additional cost of SGD $50 to you.

3. The keys will be returned to you only upon payment of the requisite charges, including any overtime charges (over and above
6 hours) from the initial appointed time. All costs, charges and expenses, including parking charges incurred on account of the same shall be paid and/or reimbursed by you.


VI. Disclaimer:


1. By availing of the services you have expressly consented to the operation of your motor vehicle by our nominated driver and accept our driver as your authorized driver of your vehicle for the purpose of motor insurance coverage. The services will be rendered entirely at your risk as to costs and consequences. You are aware of and acknowledge that the driver is not insured for driving your car. All damages, losses, expenses, costs and liabilities of whatsoever nature caused to your car, occupants and passengers in your car, including the driver as well as to other vehicles, pedestrians, property of any nature whatsoever shall be your entire responsibility. We assume no responsibility for the same. It is on this express understanding that you have availed of the services.
2. In the event our drivers have to hand over the keys to a person nominated by you/drop off the keys at a venue/location indicated by you, BEPL holds no responsibility if the keys are misplaced / handed over to a wrong person/location.

3. Similarly, PD will not be responsible for any theft or loss of any property or valuables left inside the car or damage to any equipment inside the car.
4. While PD has taken all reasonable care and diligence when recruiting the drivers, PD assumes no responsibility for their behaviour, competence and ability. If, in your opinion, the driver is not capable of handling your vehicle for any reason, you are required to intimate us about the same immediately. We will endeavour to send you a replacement driver at the earliest. We however assume no responsibility for our failure to send a replacement driver. We also assume no liability or responsibility for the consequences of the driver being withdrawn from his service.
5. BEPL shall be released from any obligation to offer the services or curtailment of services due to causes which are beyond its reasonable control including, but not limited to, fires, strikes, riots, regulation or requirements of any civil or military authority, and inclement weather or other acts of God.
6. You are also aware that the drivers are Independent Contractors and not employees of PD. PD will therefore assume no liability, civil or criminal, vicariously or otherwise for any act or omission on the part of the driver, resulting in damage to the vehicle, loss of life or injury to passengers within the vehicle or pedestrians or any outside property, including any other vehicle. The said liability is entirely yours. This is the fundamental basis on which PD has agreed to accept your booking and offer services. You are fully aware of the same while opting for the booking.


VII. Clients warranties:


1. You represent and warrant that you are the legally titled owner of the vehicle for which service is to be provided or if you are not the legally titled owner of the vehicle, that you have the owner’s consent to use the same including availing of the service.
2. You further represent and warrant that on the date of availing the service, the vehicle insurance in respect of your vehicle or the vehicle for which service is to be rendered is in full force and effect. You further attest that the vehicle’s insurance is primary, and includes provisions for personal injury and property liability, full collision, medical and other than collision coverage, with uninsured and underinsured coverage and assurances that the driver is an authorized driver covered by such policy.
3. You / vehicle owner hereby release BEPL and the driver from any and all damages which BEPL and/or driver may be deemed liable and which exceed (or are not otherwise covered) by the vehicle’s insurance, and you agree to assume all liability for such damages. In addition, you agree to indemnify and hold BEPL and the driver harmless against claims for damages for which BEPL and/or driver may be deemed liable, which exceed or are not covered by such insurance, including all costs and reasonable attorneys’ fees related thereto. You assume all liability for claims and will hold harmless all owners, members, officers, contractors and employees of BEPL.
4. You expressly agree not to avail of the services of the driver beyond a period of 12 hours or after 8 AM whichever is earlier. You expressly agree that the driver will not be bound to render services beyond 12 hours or 8 AM, whichever is earlier.

5. For safety reasons, the driver should not be made to drive continuously for more than four hours at a stretch.
6. You will not indulge in conduct or behaviour which would render the driver incapable of performing his duties or rendering it unsafe or dangerous for him to drive your vehicle. Failure to abide by such term would result in the driver withdrawing his services and the booking would be treated as at end. In such event, you will be responsible for payment of entire SGD $99 and we would assume no liability or responsibility for the consequences of the driver withdrawing his services.
7. You will ensure that during the period of service the number of occupants in the vehicle will not exceed the number of safety/seat belts available for use in the vehicle, and that each occupant who chooses not to use such seat belt does so at their own risk.
8. You further represent and warrant that your vehicle is free from any mechanical or structural defects that would make the vehicle anything less than road safe, is lawfully licensed and insured and has all necessary fluids and fuel necessary for the duration of the service. Any expenses for curing any defect or addition of fluids or fuel for making your vehicle roadworthy or towing or storage charges for towing and storing your car at a safe location will be paid by you alone.
9. BEPL will not participate in, nor be held responsible for, illegal activities or dangerous conduct that may occur in the driver’s presence. You, and any other individuals in the vehicle, would be required to comply with all Singapore laws at all times. Any violation of this provision may result in the immediate termination,

withdrawal or discontinuance of the service and constitute a termination for cause.


VIII. Cancellation policy:


1. In case of cancellation of your booking of more than four hours before the appointed time, there will be a cancellation charge of SGD $20.
2. Cancellation made thereafter would entail a cancellation charge of SGD $50.

3. Cancellation made after the appointed time would render you liable for payment of the entire amount of SGD $99. Failure to pay the cancellation charges would result in us refusing to take any future bookings from you. We also reserve the right to take legal action against you to recover any monies owed to BEPL.


IX. Cancellation Policy Charges and Extras:


$20 flat fee1: The pick-up and final drop-off points are different locations
2: Pick-up or Drop-off locations in Sentosa Island or Tuas area
$20 Flat FeeAny cancellations more than 4 hours before appointed time.
$50 Flat feeCancellations less than 4 hours before appointed time
$50 Flat fee +
$12 per hour overtime
capped at 4 hours
Failure to drop-off car at desired location + Delivery of vehicle the next day.
$99 flat feeNo show / Can’t reach client at appointed time and location

X. Prices:

1. Prices are as shown in the table below

2. We reserve the right to change prices at any time.

3. Prices are subject to change due to holidays, festive occasions, major event days and at the sole discretion of the company. Our latest prices will be updated on our Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/partydriversSG

Summary of Prices

$12 per hourOvertime after 6 hours
$99 per Party Driver Service6 Hours Chauffeur Service
$888 for Bulk Bookings10 Party Driver Services


XI. Bulk Booking:
1. A bulk booking is the purchase of 10 Party Drivers services at a discount when compared to 10 individual bookings. Each PD

service is for a maximum of 6 hours and any overtime fees are extra and payable to the driver on the day itself.
2. Bulk bookings are not transferrable and no refunds are permitted once a purchase has been made.
3. A client must complete all bookings within 4 months from the 1stbooking.

4. Clients may use different vehicles registered with us as long as it is in the same price category.
5. Bulk booking hires would not be permitted during major event days and festive holidays.
6. Other terms and conditions will apply.


XII. Non-Payment:


1. In the event you fail to timely pay for all services, costs and charges upon the completion of the service, and in the event BEPL incurs any cost, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, you agree to be liable for all such service, costs, charges and fees.


XIII. Our Rights


1. BEPL reserves the right to modify and amend these Terms & Conditions at any time without notice.
2. BEPL, in its sole discretion, has the right to suspend or terminate your account and refuse any and all current or future use of the service, or any other Party Drivers service, for any reason at any time. Such termination will result in the deactivation of your account, cancellations and forfeit of any payments made to BEPL in respect to current and future bookings.



Last Updated 30th July 2015